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The ubiquitous thank you list

This is a genuine and heartfelt thanks to the people who have contributed in either mind, body or soul, and often for free (cue Beatles line) just for the friendship and seeing a dream realised... so I owe you all inordinate amounts of Guinness and red wine. I also owe the ‘Snow Ghost’ AKA Haydon Owen, Adam ‘Computer Genius’ Goodwin and Beetle ‘Rage Against The Machine Guru’ for inspiring me and sharing one of the best weeks of our lives...bring on the POW!
The artwork, website design and lots of other amazing stuff was done by Aron Owen of Style Royale & James Parker, creative, talented and without them both this project would not have been completed for another year.
My dear brother one of the most special people, warmth, understanding, humour and boundless encouragement, I love you.
David Wrench, for teaching a virgin album maker how it’s done and for his musical knowledge and sheer talent for enhancing ideas, without destroying their original meaning.
Dan, who has been there every step of the way with his smoking guitar licks in our live performances and encouragement when things are going wrong.
Michael, Mandy and the rest of my lovely family. Big love to Mandy and Mike for some great photography and creative support when mine ran out on me!
Andy Ford, my friend since University, arch vocal encourager and inspiration to keep going.
Ian Brown who started it all making a mini recording of my fi rst song and spending 2 years teaching me about the recording process and having some of the best times together which is what its all really about.
Ken Parry, an inspirational music lover and someone who kept me going when I was going to stop...thanks Ken! David Brown..mixer and fi xer!
ndrew Brown; awesome bass player, and one of the best people I know...enough said.
Laurie Gane, one of the most interesting people I have met and gave me a place to go with my ideas just when I needed it!
My two lovely Sisters Jacqui and Kath.
Finally my Mum and Dad, encouragement and inspiration above and beyond the call. Dad you are the best, thank you for giving us all the gift of music...Me, Keith, Dan, Ian and Andrew. Without you none of this would have been possible.
If I have forgotten anyone..thank you, I didn’t mean to!
Flagellation and inspiration: Tony Roberts 2010
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